Lucha Premier Championship

Starting at Squared Circle Live, The Premier title has long been considered just that… the premier wrestling championship in Canada. Now the top title at DEMAND LUCHA, the Premier Championship boasts a long lineage of amazing stars.

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The Champions

Demand Lucha

8. The Ouroboros (Ophidian)

Desean Pratt’s lifelong friend/foe Ophidian, arisen and reborn as The Ouroboros, secured himself a title shot after attacking Pratt at the conclusion of his match with Jeff Cobb at Lucha De Los Muertos II. He took the title in a brutal falls count anywhere streetfight at Alliance Banquet Hall on November 11th, 2017.

7. Desean Pratt (Amasis)

Desean Pratt (Amasis) defeated Carter Mason(c), Vaughn Vertigo, Qwefka the Quiet, Jason Kincaid, Freddie Mercurio, and Space Monkey in a Deadly-7-Scramble match to become the 7th official reigning Premier Champion during “Lucha de Los Muertos” at Lee’s Palace on November 6th, 2016. Pratt held the title just over a year at 370 days, beating Carter Mason, to become the longest reigning Premier Champion of all time.

6. Carter Mason

After SCL shut down and the majority of staff went on to create Canada’s successful Smash Wrestling, the long-standing connection between SCL and Mexican Lucha Libre still needed to be represented. Demand Lucha was born and almost one year to the day of the shutdown, Lucha Toronto: Chapter One was held.

Nov. 8th, 2015 – Carter Mason defeated the unbeaten former champion, Will White, the pioneer of Smash Wrestling and former Tag Champion, Sebastian Suave and longtime SCL mainstay Alexia Nicole to win the vacant Premier Title in a Lucha Libre style fatal 4-way. Mason would go on to hold the title for 364 days, beating the reign of inaugural champion Braxton Sutter.

Squared Circle Live

5. Will White

The borderline schizophrenic, Will White, defeated Tyson Dux in a 2/3 Falls Match when he converted to his malicious “Bill Black” persona mid-match.


Will White was forced to vacate the Premier Championship when SCL ceased operations in mid-2014. This only added to the psychosis and persecution complex of White, eventually leading to the emergence of his third and oddest persona, “Fit for Life” Danny Orlando.

5. Tyson Dux

Whitby, Ontario – Tyson Dux defeated Paul London and Brent Banks to win the vacant Premier Championship on Feb. 16th, 2014, finally toppling his rival Banks and taking his rightful spot on top of the company ladder.

Dux would become the face of Ontario wrestling, beginning here and continuing today, holding the title proudly. The end of his run came after a bitter feud with the two-faced Will White. 

4. Josh Alexander

On Nov. 3rd, 2013 in Whitby, Ontario, against doctors orders, Josh Alexander returned to the ring and defeated Brent Banks to become the unified Premier Champion and the fourth official reigning title holder.

Vacated – Just before X-Mas 2013 and a mere 6 weeks after defeating Banks, Josh Alexander is forced to officially vacate the Premier Championship due to exacerbation of his existing neck injury during the Banks match. 

3. Brent Banks

July 20th, 2013 Scarborough, Ontario – Brent Banks, as the replacement for Alexander, defeated the established #1 contender Tyson Dux, with the help of Jimmy Korderas, to become the Interim Premier Champion. Although never made the official champion, Banks is widely considered the 3rd man to hold the title after a 109-day reign and multiple defenses.

2. Josh Alexander

On Sept. 30th, 2012 in Vaughn, Ontario, “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander defeated Braxton Sutter and Brent Banks in a Triple Threat Match. This was a prime time for Alexander as he went on to simultaneously hold the C4 Championship alongside the Premier Title and others. The breakneck pace of defending multiple championships did just that and after almost 300 days as champion, Alexander was unable to make a defence scheduled for July 20th, 2013 against Tyson Dux.

Forfiet – Josh Alexander is unable to defend the Premier Championship due to a neck injury.

1. Braxton Sutter (Pepper Parks)

Vaughn, Ontario – Braxton Sutter (Pepper Parks) defeated Michael Elgin in the Premier Tournament on November 12th, 2011, when former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas fast-counted and assisted in Sutter’s victory. The cocky champ would go on to hold the strap for 323 days, proving himself worthy to be the inaugural title holder.