This IS your grandaddy's wrestling!!!

Join the RETRO-lution!

Hogtown Wrestling Showcase features the stars of Toronto’s premiere underground wrestling league, Hogtown Pro Wrestling.

Along with an exclusive international talent roster, Hogtown hosts a plethora of local up and coming talent, competing alongside Canada’s wrestling elite.

We are the place where local heroes are born and flourish.

Hosted by Hutch Henries, VCW brings you expert color commentary from well known Ontario manager the “Infamous” Jay Moore and the influence of wrestling legends like Smith Hart & “Soulman” Ricky Johnson on our board.

Unlike other organizations that focus on aerial danger, hyper-violence and bloodletting, Hogtown Pro is a throwback 80’s style of wrestling and relies on storyline and character conflict to grab the attention of viewers and hold it. More like a visual comic book than a TV show, Hogtown garners fiercely loyal fans and is a family friendly alternative to corporate wrestling entities. Victory Commonwealth Wrestling is a community company that takes the stage at classic Toronto venues like the Elmocambo, Lula Lounge and Lee’s Palace.