Ayala bounces back!! Re-brands and lands on RAW.

There’s been a lot of talk of death lately.

A lot of things seem to be ending.

They say that Hogtown wrestling is dead.

The Ontario Athletic Commission has shut down DeathProof Wrestling.

RogersTV is Done.

The Hogtown television entity is gone…

…and we may all be dead soon from the looming threat of Thermo Nuclear War.

Add to that the fact that Mysterion has announced an event literally called “The Death of Hogtown”… and the topic seems to be everywhere.

But one death that did not stick the way we thought it would was that of Goliath Ayala’s wrestling career.


The highly public ending of the relationship between manager Herschel Ben Levi and former Openweight Champion Goliath Ayala, that took place during the television title tournament at Super Slam 5, was thought by many to be the death blow for Ayala, who had been on a losing streak since dropping the title in early 2017. Ben Levi was very clear with Ayala, firing him after another loss and calling him a “Fake Jew”, sounding very much like US president Donald Trump and his fake news. Nobody had seen or heard from Ayala since, but it seems in the meantime he’s done something none of us would have expected. Rebranded!

Ayala was seen in Toronto with Magen Entertainment co-founder Page Magen at the recent WWE RAW Live event. It seems the former Goliath Ayala has rebranded himself as a Montreal Jew, going by the name of Jean-Pierre Goulet. Supposedly backstage for tryout matches and auditions after RAW, he was quickly thrust into a match with Jason Jordan after Curtis Axel was injured at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

The shame of losing the openweight title, the losing streak he went on soon after, and his dismissal by longtime manager Ben Levi, all seem to have had Ayala consoling old friends and revamping his entire image. He’s already scheduled to appear at the Destiny Wrestling event in late August under his new name. People are surprised that Ayala is back in such a fashion, completely rebranding himself, hoping for a change in attitude as well. I for one am going to keep my ear to the ground and my eyes open, wary of backstabbing or front stabbing behaviour, because the leopard may change its name… but it will never change its spots.


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