Deathproof Dead, Hogtown Dead, Is Lucha Next? Mysterion to crown “Death of Hogtown” Champion at Plancha Tendencies

The evil and malevolent, Mysterion the Mindreader, has been rather vocal about how he has gained 80% share in Hogtown Pro, shut the company down and has done the same to Rogers Television. He has also, in a less public fashion, taken credit for funding Bill Chase and his work at taking down Deathproof Fight Club. Work that as of late has been very successful. Deathproof is also no more.

Other sources have told me that Mysterion is not the final link in this chain and that he himself, along with others, bow down to a higher power. A Master… for the master of the mind it seems.

But whether these rumours are true or not, Mysterion has announced that he WILL be at the Lucha in the 6 show, Plancha Tendencies, this Sunday, July 30th and will be crowning a new champion for himself, The DEATH of HOGTOWN Champion. A new belt is to be presented, but to who, and why?

Hutch Henries greets Matt Bradley soon after his release by kidnappers

It seems the why is so that this mystery champion can represent Mysterion’s interests at a show of the same name… This reporter has learned that Mysterion plans to present “THE DEATH OF HOGTOWN”, a wrestling spectacular at the former home of Deathproof, the Rockpile, on Sunday, Sept 17th. The show is rumoured to have many members of the Chikara roster performing, along with Montreal’s Buxx Belmar, Deathproof Drunkweight Champion Jesse Amato and more, all as part of a brand new roster Mysterion plans to put together for some kind of “Mysterion Wrestling League”.

Although the Mindreader is 80% shareholder in VCW/Hogtown, the other 20% belongs to ousted President Matt Bradley, who after being kidnapped and missing for 5 weeks, has returned. Police investigations are ongoing but it seems Bradley was simply released and has decided not to press charges. When pressed for information Bradley claims “I’m sure it was Mysterion’s goons, they were the ones that grabbed me, but I’m not interested in pressing charges, I’m just interested in getting control of my company back!”

Bradley claim’s that he too will be at Plancha Tendencies this weekend, and he plans on confronting the mindreader. If I were you, I’d plan to be there this Sunday and be ready for a War on Sunday, Sept 17th’s Death of Hogtown.


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