Roger’s Community TV Toronto Shutdown CONFIRMED.

No Dives, No Class, No Loyalty.

There were many debutants and returning heroes at last weeks Hogtown Pro Super Slam 5. The fans enjoyed the Hogtown debuts of the Cadet, Smiles, Issac Ayala and MC Hardbody. Not to mention a miniature Golem that attacked Rage after his match.
Many were delighted by the return of the longest reigning Openweight Champion of all time, Chunk E Fresh. The Hipstar Zakk Atticus also made his return to in-ring action after having been absent for over a year, only showing up sporadically to assist Hutch Henries on commentary.

The Hipstar is flung off the top turnbuckle by CL Volino

But as exciting as all these returns and debuts were…  the biggest return was Mysterion… and the harshest debut was that of Daniel Parker’s money grubbing dark side. Having just won a car and $11,000 in cash on the Price is Right earlier this year, the D-Man has shown a more arrogant side behind the scenes. His recent winning streak at Hogtown Pro only exacerbating the situation.  But recently, it was Twitter that gained him the most fame.


Any true wrestling fan is aware of the “…Dive” debate that was started through Rip Rogers and had the flames fanned by WWE mega star Randy Orton. If you are unaware you can read about it here

or check the “Tonight On Hipstar Tonight” blog about the subject, here on this very site.

After finding his way through five other men to lay claim to the new VCW television championship, D-Man Daniel Parker was approached with a unique offer. To the surprise of the diminutive crowd, Mysterion the Mindreader took the stage. He informed everybody that since his embarrassment at the Ironman Rumble, being unceremoniously fired last year, and having his team stripped of the Tag Team titles, he had been planning his revenge. The first step was to take away Hogtown’s main source of revenue…. TV programming.

The Stench of Betrayal

Mysterion’s lawyers took Rogers TV to task and this reporter has found out… it IS official, Mysterion has shut down Rogers Community Television in Toronto and many of the outlying regions. Within the next six to eight weeks the company will dissolve it’s staff, buildings and presence in the local cable market, shutting down its community division permanently. But that was not enough for Mysterion, whose lawyers also went to town strong-arming Board of Directors members and eventually ended up with 80% of the stock in Hogtown Pro. The Mindreader snapped his fingers and shut down the recording cameras. He informed everybody that he will be deciding the fate of the company and that Daniel Parker’s newly won television title was a worthless piece of tin. He offered the young athlete a second $11,000 for the “worthless” title, telling him to “bring it up here” and put it in his hand.

As Nick Watts pleaded with D-Man not to betray the one league that they both had been booked at consistently for years, the one league they could effectively call home, Parker shocked us all by taking Mysterion up on the offer, attacking Watts with the TV title. No one knows what the future of Hogtown Pro holds but after a quick word with current Openweight Champion Buck Gunderson backstage, he indicates that both himself and the D-Man are creating some sort of “no dive” “fundamentals of wrestling” faction with the support of Mysterion and the blessing of Hustler Rip Rogers. This reporter has also found out that Mysterion plans on taking over operations of Hogtown partner’s Lucha in the 6 and Deathproof Fight Club. Stay tuned as we try to get more information on the future of Hogtown and the usurping of power in adjacent leagues.


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