Give Vince Russo A Chance

A week ago, Cornette on his podcast had some up-to-date heat about his arch-nemesis, Vince Russo. This has to be the only reason people are still listening to Cornette’s show.. the same reason there are actually regular listeners for Ryback’s podcast. We all know they are highly opinionated and they have to be, because they make their juice make it seem like it’s a “shoot” because if they tried to be another Dave Meltzer, they would have no listens.
Now the clip is about how Russo apparently writes Vince an email after every tv program. Sharing his thoughts and adding why if he was still an active writer for the fed, what he could offer. And Cornette just ridicules this and says he’s a complete loser for doing this. Here is the link to it below… but beware, Cornette is a bumbling buffoon.


Who is in the right here? Now you may hate me for this. I want to bring Vince Russo back.
As any humanitarian, if you have a soul, or a solid belief that people can change and can reflect upon their shitty ways and not the same things twice.
The man has reached a high and now hes at his lows, he has seen his life at both ends and there is no way that man wants to go any lower. If he IS watching the tv programs each week, then he is up to date on how the company wants to direct their business.
He knows now- SHOULD know now how wrestling has changed and what sports entertainment has become. It is desperate, YES! But like any avid hard worker, disciplined to one employer, he is doing what any body else who really wants the job would do. The man is determined and he is studying, he DOESN’T NEED TO but he is, because he doesn’t want to get out of tune.

Give the man a chance.
At least, he is not an old timer who starts his podcast off every time with “now I didn’t watch the episode because I cant stand to watch the garbage they call wrestling anymore” IT IS NO LONGER WRESTLING. Though Wrestling is in the acronym of WWE, they never say the word. They are sports entertainment. You are outdated. Your opinion is old and you even start off your opinionated, hurtful, offensive and careless hate speech by even admitting, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Make money off the old days and leave the writers who actually want to improve and change with how the product is doing, alone.

You can listen to Tonight’s episode of TOHST below:


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