The TRUTH About #Dive

But really.
Despite it being “old news” now, the origin of how this viral-for-a-week story came about really needs to be explained. Because it’s been so blown out of proportion (well, like anything that goes facebook-feed-viral honestly..) that this really should not go unexplained.

So if you have not heard about the Dive tweet then you truly aren’t that into wrestling and this is okay. Street and book smarts are way more important.

The original message (that was not tweeted but just an Iphone Note written under the influence of Jager) goes a little something like this:

Dive Original

This was from a local Independent Wrestler. Who sent it to Rip Rogers. Who I have the problem with here.

Let’s check out some of the tweeter posts Rip posted before this Dive goldmine, please:

The Art Of Fake Punching
check it out — a guy trying to argue bringing back the realness to wrestling posting how to ‘fake punch’ and swerve it as a ‘lost art’

The "How I Used To Look" Posts

A Grown Man Who Can't Do Grammar And Punctuation
Good thing he’s a grown man that can teach you something – though it certainly is not grammar and sentence structure


The point here is: Not too much attention and holy crap, I do NOT want to be that old and still spell and structure my written sentences like I did in grade school.

Then Jager Indy Boy sends Rip (among many other wrestlers) this post and the Internet changes once again for the worst:

Rip's Dive Post
Okay, so he gives a cheap plug and some credit.. sure. Will he share merch royalties though?

This gets retweeted by EVERYONE with a nice Followers repertoire. Randy Orton, Cornette, Bubba Bully Ray… And from my point of view, yeah he is defending the old generation who used to really think they were legitimate tough guys when both reality and history prove that most just cut good promos and had that one guy who could back them up for all of them. But Old Man Rogers takes this way out of hand.


The old generation superstars arguing they “don’t do it like they used to.” Oh how it can relate to pretty much everything else the out-of-touch-and-I-refuse-to-learn-anything-new-though-the-world-is-rapidly-changing-around-me generation argues about. Technology, Social Manners, Customer Service, Naps, etc. What I love about Local Indy Wrestler who originally created the … Dive note is that HE USED TO SUCK WHEN HE FIRST STARTED (but we all did so this is an obvious remark, not an insult.) Despite his talent and size being picked on, this did not stop him from holding back his wrestling career. He advanced. He saw different countries, got on different independent scenes, different televised experiences. He saw his passion from oh so many angles and what brought this …Dive Note out of him was clearly the frustration on how predictable the art has become when WHY! OH WHY! CAN’T WE JUST ALL BE UNIQUE AND CHANGE THIS INDUSTRY FOR THE BEST! Why do we have to be the same and SO GENERICALLY DRY AND DULL!

 And he is NOT WRONG. The kid is actively watching how the game is right now. He should know better (unless he’s blind or incompetent… which he isn’t… he’s too cute to be.)

He certainly isn’t an old man who has a lot of “used to” stories who trains newcomers the dreadful basics based on the techniques of the 60’s.
I should not make this generation sound so dumb or really make it come off like I’m insulting them, you’re right. But what makes me angry is that Rip used this Note (that does not belong to him because he probably would not be able to write this so skillfully and accurately-detailed) to justify his true belief that he thinks wrestling still needs to be a bunch of headlocks for a long-drawn-out-width-of-minutes at a time. He REFUSES to believe that the industry you may have excelled in is SO MUCH DIFFERENT from when  you were successful in it 40 years ago. He still truly believes “they need to go back to the old days” when REALLY, IF YOU DID MAKE IT SO SHAMEFULLY BASIC LIKE THEY WERE BACK THEN.. the only people that would watch the product? The old men who used to do it like that that would still be saying that they’re doing something wrong. Putz rotisserie machines, it’d be.

He’s just eating this shit up and too many encouraged him (when really most were too afraid to tell him he was wrong because honesty and truth is some form of “disrespect” to the Elders Generation. Cashing in on something he did not create. He would still have a maximum of 20 likes if this …Dive treasure never literally was sent to him.

Yes, he can teach you something useful. But how wrestling is now and how to encourage new watchers of this product? No. The millennials WILL NOT stay tuned to old ass fake-looking holds while some goober is over-selling in a stupid screaming way. Overreacting and over-expressing emotions are what clowns do. And they deserve to be working theaters. Not claiming themselves to be athletes.

also not made by Rip.. the dude does not retweet and if something wasn’t made public and just sent to him privately, he feels it’s his social justice right to be the one to voice it. Either that or he just wants to be relevant again like every desperate somewhat-celebrity.

And then the shit with Randy Orton? Dude doesn’t know any better, He really doesn’t. He had 6 dozen Rip Rogerses telling him it needs to be the basic way. And now what is the guy doing? He got cheered for winning 2017 Royal Rumble only because of the disappointment of the 30th man. And his WrestleMania 2017 feud was a complete bust because he was just the basic Randy we’ve always seen stuck in another absurd storyline.
He did not change for it. He rarely changes for everything. You can predict his moves and when he’s going to hit them now… and if you don’t, then you’re probably the generation of Smarks who truly believes Finn Balor or Samoa Joe should have been the 30th entrant.

So here it is. Hope you actually read this, sir and please remember I am doing my best effort of separating my heart from this response and really trying to focus on it coming from this industry also being my passion. As a worker in it and as a true fan that will always stand up for it no matter what. Yet still admit when it is wrong and see the argument from both sides because I am an adult.

Dear Rip,

You are wrong. Wrestling has changed. It is a beautiful art now that like any form of art, can become redundant and overdone. You need to admit when you are wrong. You need to give credit where credit is due and sit back and watch where the industry of your passion is going. Please stop feeling the need to be so vocal like you can still change the world. I hate to say it but it is going to happen to me to. The world moves on without you.



>Check out the late night episode of TOHST with the Original Indy Boy of the ….Dive Controversy<

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