Is #ClassicOntario Right About Everything???

This province is filled with some pretty unique indy artists, don’tcha think?
I mean, we have a Monkey From Space, a luchadude that thinks he’s a rockstar that’s been dead for over 3 decades, a hunky Jewish man, a condescending hipster and a plethora of SuperStar Meglomaniacs that fill the void of hairy beefcake, generic solid-coloured tights that’s already common in so many other Independent Wrestling areas.

Bruns Bro shares his opinion over last week and the past weekend about his views on OIW. There’s not too much history on him actually working here… yet, a province that features over 5 promotions with local television deals and especially one offering you a 24/7 network service. Do you agree with his thoughts?

I dunno, man. Talk your shit like bored Indy wrestlers do. Maybe he’s still in that mindset where he thinks heat gets you talked about and people will book strictly out of heat (listen to TOHST stories of HipStar’s ex-wife.)
One thing I agree with: the majority of workers here aren’t in very good shape! Very rolly-polly-olly likewise to the prizes in the UK right now and we excuses that as bulk. Sure. But we need to stick to that common argument that Wrestling is ENTERTAINMENT! And when these insults come from a dude with a beard wearing black tights & kickpads and is a “Fighter (please read Wiki articles “Combat” VS “Wrestling”) and how he can sell out Junior A Hockey arena that’ll draw the entire town because they’re bored and have had enough of watching their television sets.

When dudes in black trunks say
When dudes in black trunks say “You guys can’t draw”, defending shows with other dudes in black trunks…

Dear Independent Artists, You are the only ones that can decide the image you want to spread around your scene. You decide how others see you. You can be those neutral-professional “Nice To See You, Bud” despite seeing them last weekend and touching strange hands all day or you can cross your arms at the back of the venue and make snarky comments as you watch the show.


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