Vegan’s Vocal Invasion stuns Lula Lounge. **VIDEO INCLUDED**

 Fans were swiftly filling the Lula Lounge, wrestlers were stretching and working out. It was this last Monday, Family Day February 20th and backstage the TV crew filmed interviews with athletes explaining their goals and grievances… when suddenly, the microphones crackled and we were all in for a special surprise.

 Many were shocked to find that the advertised comedy, hosted by the Hipstar Zakk Atticus, had been replaced with his own weekly podcast. It seems that logistical difficulties cropped up and the Hipstar cancelled his comedy night, scheduled after Hogtown Pro Wrestling’s 5th Annual Ironman Rumble, opting instead for some glorified self-promotion. Atticus recorded a live version of his “Tonight On Hip Star Tonight” podcast with the “Infamous” Jay Moore. Although the cancellation was announced 24 hours before the event and advertisements for the podcast were put up, many were caught unaware and felt this was a very selfish move from the Hipstar.

     Turns out that Atticus actually agrees with critics and was pressured into doing the live podcast by his co-host, Jay Moore, a man known for over the top self-promotion, general all-around selfishness and extreme arrogance. Moore got what he wanted in the end run, the opportunity to showboat and posture in front of a crowd.

     The TOHST Podcast averages 12 to 15 minutes and this time was no different. The recording went off without a hitch, and the two men dug right into the live crowd, commenting on their bodies, personalities, personal hygiene and referring to them in derogatory terms. (e.g. troglodytes, stupid, dwarf) Jay Moore jumped around and acted a fool, along with his usual rhetoric, to make for what would be considered a “successful” episode. This particular episode included advice on local culture and surprise giveaway gifts of VHS, DVD’s and other goodies (trash left over from other shows). Uniquely, the Hipstar gave away a signed elbow pad from his from retired indie wrestler/promoter father “Too Sweet” Pistol Pete. Something to unpack there, Hipstar? hmmm perhaps. But still…

     “Tonight On Hipstar Tonight” is actually a well respected Toronto underground wrestling podcast. The two men occasionally have guests on the show, discussing local scandals and stories of the road, which Moore and Atticus have many of themselves. Jay Moore often stirs up trouble and fans the flames of minor turmoil on the scene, occasionally to epic proportions, talking about underground interactions and altercations, while the Hipstar regales the struggles of the hard up, poor professional wrestler trying to get bookings in a cut throat city with many, many promotions and performers.

          Jay Moore will often speak deplorably about his Hogtown Wrestling Showcase co-host Hutch Henries on the podcast and give the general impression that he is the guy running the entire show at Hogtown Wrestling. Although these days, that seems to be closer to the truth than ever before. The self-proclaimed Voice of Victory, Rogers TV Superstar and face of Hogtown Pro, Jay Moore seems to be influencing more than just Zakk Atticus, as the recent ousting of Mysterion has Moore positioning himself with more and more power behind the scenes.

Mysterion materializes doveAlthough fired outright from the company last month, Mysterion and partner Steffi Kay, the group known as the Sentimentalists, performed at the halftime show of this Monday’s 5th Annual Ironman Rumble to a delighted crowd. We have a obtained exclusive footage of this eerie and incredible show, available here at Stay Tuned.

Supposedly outstanding invoices and monies owed is the reason the magician was forced to do the halftime show, although just like Jay Moore, Mysterion had no problem self-promoting and thrilling fans, often trying to get them to buy tickets for his tour or purchase his magical merchandise.

Steffi Kay of the Sentimentalists

          In the end run, many fans gave feedback that the podcast was entertaining and thankfully quite short. TOHST has dirty, behind the scenes stories about local wrestlers that rabid fans truly enjoy, covering Deathproof, Hogtown Pro, Crossfire, Lucha in the 6,  Neo, Conflict Wrestling, NXW, MCW, Barrie Pro Wrestling, Smash and more, and TOHST does it all with a guile and flair unlike any other podcast on the market.

     Soon after the Live Podcast wrapped up, the 5th Annual Ironman Rumble got going with some incredible action, including the battle royale itself and a title match for the Openweight Championship to start off the entire event. Stay tuned here to for more coverage.

TOHST Live from Lula Lounge – 5th Annual Ironman Rumble – #HogtownPro

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