Hogtown announces matches for 5th Annual Ironman Rumble

Hogtown Pro is moving back to the traditional format for its anniversary show. The 5th Annual Ironman Rumble was announced late last year and it’s back to the battle royal format. Last year’s Iron Circle match was well received, but with the announcement of a return to Lula Lounge the over the top affair has returned as well. This year will have 25 men instead of the traditional 20 that Hogtown has used in the past. Other matches announced include….

The Wild Machine vs The Sumerian Golem – Loser Leaves Town

Mike Bailey defends his newly won Openweight Title against Goliath Ayala

Rage seeks revenge against the Hacker Scotty O’Shea

Plus the 25 over the top Ironman Rumble. The winner will be the Openweight Champion

Hogtown Returns to the Lula Lounge 1585  Dundas St W

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