*Lucha x Hogtown x Deathproof* New Partnership Created.

Change of Pace

The creative direction of Hogtown Pro Wrestling could be described as a runaway train as of late. After a complete overhaul of management in early 2016, the last half of this year has been a time of vast change and growth for the company. By July, Matthew Bradley was fully entrenched as the new ruler and no-nonsense president of the company. September they made the official change to Hogtown Pro Wrestling and originally looking to secede from the Commonwealth Wrestling Council. Secretly the group was on the verge of collapse due to infighting and embezzlement and the Wales based UCW had already stopped running shows in late 2015. Long story short… Hogtown took the reigns and the CWC is now the VCWC. The Victory Commonwealth Wrestling Council, AKA the Board of Director or simply VCW… the governing body for Hogtown Pro and for the OPP in general. What’s the OPP you ask?

3 Way Dance

Hogtown has also forged new relationships. November saw the company co-promote and put together video packages for Toronto’s “Lucha In The 6”. Hutch Henries and Jay Moore have come on board as the full-time commentators and Henries has also lent his voice and production skill to Etobicoke’s Deathproof Fight Club.

Check out an example below from the Dec. 6th show – A Very Deathproof X-Mas

You Down With OPP?

The Ontario Promoter Partnership is a unique idea and one that seems to be benefitting all 3 leagues, The interesting mix of Old School, Lucha and Hardcore respectively covers all the bases and caters to the entirety of the fanbase. As of the writing of this article, the partnership is official, with Hogtown Pro and Lucha in the 6 working very closely over the course of 2017, including Hogtown Showcase airing multiple LIT6 matches. Deathproof will also be involved and all 3 leagues will defend each other’s titles on upcoming shows. The first of which for Hogtown Pro is January 29th at LIT6’s Carnaval De Lucha where Speedball Mike Bailey will challenge Goliath Ayala for the Commonwealth Openweight Championship.

Stay Tuned for further info.

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