Ozone Sauna, Vitamin Drips for Wrestlers at Jaconello Wellness Centre, Toronto

The Sumerian Golem, Jaconello wellness centre invites wrestlers for alternative health treatments

With real generosity the alternative medicine practitioners at the Jaconello Wellness Center in Toronto offered our current Champion, Goliath Ayala some complimentary spa treatments.

Hutch Henries set up the appointment for Wednesday 27th October 2016 and he was on hand that morning to streamline the sponsorship. Everything was all squared away until suddenly it wasn’t anymore. Hutch had some explaining to do when The Sumerian Golem showed up at the wellness centre instead of The Champ.

To everyone’s surprise, when the elevator door opened, instead of Goliath Ayala stepping out of the enclosure it was The Sumerian Golem.  This confusion could be related to the office phone hacking incident at Hogtown Wrestling HQ, something Hutch didn’t have time to investigate right then, (and its unlikely the Sumerian Golem would have been much help anyway).

The Sumerian Golem is a masked wrestler who doesn’t use words to communicate. So everyone was pretty relieved that Hutch was there and able to coax the giant into the necessary examination and treatment rooms.


Not the least bit scared or even shy around the hulking man, Jaconello staff member Maya Fabiszak, an Environmental Health & Nutritional Consultant at the clinic took over the treatments and led their largest patient around the facility, making stops at the various treatment centers.

Sumerian Golem at wellness centre in Toronto

Jaconello Wellness Centre website has a blog post about alternative health treatments for wrestlers, specifically the Sumerian Golem, a wrestler on the 2016 roster at Hogtown Pro.

The healers were not at all discouraged by this surrogate performer’s lack of championship belts (or honour of any kind really), and they agreed to offer the athlete their health assessments and whatever free treatments he could benefit from at their facility free of charge just as if he was The Champ.

After a brief intake wth a medical professional, Dr Paul Jaconello signed off on a bevy of alternative health treatments including a vitamin drip and a RecoverYou Ozone steam sauna treatment.

All this action was caught on video.

Before entering the spa, The Golem drank a pint of ozonated water which was infused with an orange nutrient.

sauna10The RecoverYou Ozone steam sauna treatment is a scientifically proven alternative health therapy which works wonders as a beauty treatment, an athletic enhancement and overall health improvement. The Golem liked the spa treatment very much, we think.

While reclining on a table The Golem was next subjected to a BIA test, or a body composition testing (body impedance analysis) that analyzes cellular health, and the structural integrity of the cells which is key BIO marker of aging.  The staff used that information and height and weight to calculate the athlete’s fat mass versa lean body mass and worked out the percentage. They used that data again after they did more tests to check for chronic body dehydration, and to measure his current toxins status, (and his cellular nutritional status).  As official chronicles we can only report that everything was within normal parameters here re The Sumerian Golem’s health. wrestler-drip3

Near the end of the session, the Sumerian Golem patiently endured an IV drip, and we all winced as the nurse needled his arm.  But again to everyone’s surprise he didn’t even seem to notice the pain.  Maya ordered up a rehydration drip, but she could have just as easily selected a Myers Drip (multi vitamin drip), or even the Jaconello wellness centre’s signature Executive Drip with adrenal support.  Or if the wrestler had the sniffles and was fighting a cold the Perhaps Maya would have prescribed an anti-viral drip to help his body fight the cold virus.

wrestler-at-jaconelloThe Sumerian Golem carried away some gifts in his arms as he left the facility that day. He clutched a big can of protein powder for building lean body mass, and another recommended detoxification product, and a box of the much-coveted Raspberry gelatin meal, everyone’s favourite Ideal protein weight loss food. So all things considered, we think it all worked okay.







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