Hogtown Office Phone Hack and Computer Repair Investigation **Video**

Hogtown Office Phone Hack and Computer Repair

There has been some electronic funny business happening at Hogtown Pro lately. There have been glitches in the audio track at the shows and in the broadcasts. Some administrators believe that Hogtown Wrestling is been deliberately targeted by a hacking group.

The office staff has reported the phones being unreliable since mid-summer, and the DJ at the live show says his gear is jammed and the PC he uses has glitches for weeks after every show. Something is going on…

DJ at Hogtown Wrestling show

Fans who watch every single frame of the Hogtown Wrestling Rogers TV show will certainly be aware of the irregularities, including missed replays, commentary gaps, and camera interference.

Unknown Computer Hackers Try To Change Wrestling Line-Up of Matches Nov 11th, 2016

The incident was brought to a head when unknown computer hackers successfully managed to infiltrate the Hogtown Wrestling computer system in what appears t be an attempt to change the matches line up for the next upcoming event, Need for Speed, scheduled for 11th Nov 2016 at Super Wonder Gallery. Originally the event was scheduled for the 4th but these hackers struck early last month and changed the date with venue bookers electronically. Hogtown went with the change and was able to spot the next attack before the erroneous line-up information was sent out.

But what could this mean? Hutch Henries was dispatched to solve the mystery and he started with the office phone system. Hutch went uptown and interviewed John Conn the CEO of Standard Telecom business phone systems at the head office on Laird Drive in Toronto – the office phone hacking at Hogtown Wrestling was detailed in Standard telecom blog.

john office phone hacking secret

John Conn of Standard Telecom was super helpful and has agreed to help fix the situation and set up a new phone system for the Hogtown admin.

Essentially John described the elements of office phone hacking to Hutch and quickly pinpointed the path to entry as being ‘human error’. It was the negligence of the office manager and failure to change the default password that was set for the phone system by the installer, or maybe even the ‘1,2,3,4’ code set by the factory technicians depending on the network. That was the first point of entry.

Mr. Conn referred Hutch to ‘go see Ahmad’ on Dundas St W because A2ZPC computer repair Toronto specializes in virus removal and data recovery. This is the place where John takes his own PCs and the laptops that his staff uses at Standard Telecom to get them cleaned up and refreshed.

A2ZPC Repair on Dundas St W is a bright sunny shop run by Ahmad Zehour.

A2ZPC computer repair

Ahmad Zehour is a skilled computer engineer who specializes in data recovery.  He can find and recover information from all manner of devices and databases including camera chips and even firmware or what many people now call device-ware.

a2zpc repair in Toronto

Ahmad was very generous with Hutch in terms of explaining the problem and gave him a lot of ideas and clues

But just who exactly was responsible?


Hutch seemed confident that Ahmad had provided him a solid lead. Will we ALL find out the true culprit and watch this mystery play out live on Friday, Nov 11th downtown at the Super Wonder Gallery. Be there yourself to find out. Get Tickets Here







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