Archer Dental Makes Sports Mouth Guard for The Lover

The Lover at the denitstThe Lover arriving at Archer Dental

In October 2016, professional wrestler The Lover, invited some dental professionals to measure the size of his mouth.

Seen here returning to the dental office in early November 2016, The Lover in his wrestling ring gear adorned with pink hearts and his best selling t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan, ‘I put the harm in charm!‘ was featured in a tell-all blog post about how a wrestler gets a custom sports guard at Archer Dental.

Hogtown Wrestling arranged to get the service and high tech mouth wear as a donation from this successful downtown dental practice which has come to support the organization. When Hutch Henries emailed the roster and asked each wrestler who would most like some monogrammed mouth gear, it shouldn’t have surprised us when The Lover stepped forward to claim the sponsorship. The Lover is always concerned with maintaining his stunning smile! He must have jumped at the chance to receive the custom sports mouth guard – this is perfect for wrestlers and MMA professionals because it just covers the top teeth. Archer Dental represents the highest quality in dental apparel and the Lover knows beyond a doubt that her products will protect his teeth and terrific smile.

The Lover at Archer Dental

The Lover, also known as Martin Casanova, is on the roster as a regular contender at Hogtown Pro, and that means he’s eager to win a championship..Like everyone else he dreams of one day wearing the Openweight Championship Belt, the wrestling company’s top prize, and being called ‘The Champ’ of Hogtown Wrestling in Toronto..

The Lover’s Sports Guard

The Lover's Sports Guard

A sports guard only covers the top teeth, unlike a full mouth guard which is applied to the whole mouth. The purpose of the sports guard is to act as a shock absorber for the mouth, and to protect the front teeth from excessive force – like being thrown face first into a wrestling mat, or a ring rope post.  The sports mouth guard has been shown to be effective in protecting the athlete’s head and brain from concussion too.

If the blow is delivered onto the mouth area, the device also keeps athletes’ lips and tongues safe from being cut on their upper teeth.

This is safety apparel that every professional wrestler or MMA athlete should employ and something Archer Dental is making available to every wrestler on the Hogtown roster at discount pricing

You can read about The Lover’s last match and get a better understanding of the #HogtownPro live wrestling events in general in the last report, What Happened at Socktoberfest in Super Wonder Gallery, 01 Oct 2016.

The Lover pays a visit to Archer Dental and prepares to try on his custom mouth guard for the first time.

Why Most Wrestlers Choose Sports Guards, Not Full Mouth Guards

Archer Dental Roseedale, dentist in downtown TorontoWhy does Archer Dental recommend that wrestlers at Hogtown Pro get custom fit sports guards rather than full mouth guards? It’s because the performers in these more theatrical events are always going to want the liberty to speak or call out during the match without having to remove a physical speech impediment. Mouth guards of this type along with headgear to protect the ears is common in amateur wrestling but are few and far between in the professional ranks. Although the mouth guard is becoming more popular, the larger full guard is nowhere to be seen in this scene.

Seizing on the option to decorate the mouth guard with his name, The Lover made this protective item into a new and highly recognizable part of his wrestling gear

“This way as they wake up from the beating i just gave them… they can see right away whose slingin’ truth” brags The Lover, “…and baby, the truth hurts almost as bad as a beat down from this guy!!”.

Dr. Archer with the Lover during the fitting

“Custom made sports guards can come in any colour – they are individually designed to fit the athlete’s mouth and so are very comfortable to wear.” Dr.Archer informed us.

“To get the custom fit, Mr. Lover visited our Rosedale dental office first. The session was only 15 minutes long as staff members took an impression of his upper teeth using a quick setting polymer gel. Then we sent him away and told him to come back a week later to our Yonge street location to pick up his finished guard. He decided to bring a full camera crew with him to document the occasion!”

The Lover with his completed Sports Guard

The Lover with his completed Sports Guard

To quote directly from the Archer Dental blog,

The thick plastic device was created out of a cement mould made from the hardened polymer gel impression we took of his teeth. He chose the colour pink to match the hearts on his black spandex suit.

and more,

It’s important to note that all sports mouth guards should be replaced after 18 months or two ‘seasons’ of play because they can wear down over time, making them less effective as a damage mitigating agent from harmful blows. Replacement sports guards are especially important for adolescents because their mouths continue to grow as their teeth develop into adulthood.

According to Dr Archer, many young athletes who play different sports order new mouth guards from her dental office every six months as part of their routine dental check-up. This is a service she is more than willing to extend to ALL wrestlers at Hogtown Wrestling. Just mention that you read this post..

The Lover can be seen wearing his new Sports Mouth Guard for the first time in Hogtown ‘Need for Speed’ wrestling competition this coming Friday November the 11th at the Super Wonder gallery on Bloor St West.











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