SuperSlam hits home run… but was it enough to win the game?

Super Wonder Slam

The fourth annual VCW SuperSlam was a success by every measure. The crowd was hot, the new venue Super Wonder Gallery was packed and the crowd and roster alike seemed happy with the change. But as the fans cheered, each match seemed to end on a sour note, and that very same roster had many members feeling defeated. Not just in the ring, but mind body and soul. Others still were just plain mad.


The D-Man Daniel Parker had the momentous task of taking on two men. The Lover and his manager Saki San strode to the ring with the Lovers girlfriend Jess in tow, looking calm and confident. Why not? They are two men taking on one man. It’s not a tag match. It’s two on one at the same time. The result was as one would expect. The devious Saki had the attention of Parker as the skilled Lover took advantage for another roll-up victory. After the match, goaded on by Jay Moore, a furious D-Man made the rash challenge of facing the Lover with one hand tied behind his back. President Matt Bradley announced soon after that the match would go forward and will take place at the next event.d-mad

Chunk E Fraud

 One thing I was looking forward to was the advertised return of Chunk E Fresh. Much to the delight of the fans and myself, right after the Jim Nye vs Ash Istria match, that familiar music hit. But the return was not of the legendary former champion. It was Buddy Boone, not seen since a suspension, leaving a GCW ring and singing Frank Sinatra at the expense of Buck Gunderson, and he was dressed as Chunk E Fresh. Proceeding to irritate the victorious Jim Nye, a new face appeared. James Runyan, who had debuted earlier that night, attacked Nye at Boone’s… um, Chunky’s request.  The charade continued back stage as Budd E Fresh, as he began calling himself, made it clear he was here to stay. 13558900_818352698266623_9039069384131712535_oListening to comments made by Hutch Henries on air, Boone decreed that Runyan was simply the first in a line of men he would lead and dub the Acolytes of Fresh. We are still waiting on a comment from the board of directors as to the state of Boone’s suspension and whether this new incarnation will be allowed to compete on the roster. President Bradley made it clear to me during conversation that everyone involved was expecting Chunky E Fresh, including himself, and that he has no intention of simply allowing Boone to “…stroll back in any which way he pleases. This type of deception does not sit with me.”


Perhaps the biggest heartbreak of the night came when Buck Gunderson fell to Nick Watts in a loser leaves town match. Watts arrived with a shirt depicting Gunderson’s demises, but the Wild One shrugged it off and tore into Watts. Beating him all over the ring and outside the gallery in the streets, Gunderson looked poised to gain revenge and banish the devious Watts from the company. The Maniacal One turned the tide eventually, and unexpectedly the final blow came when Watts DDT’d Buck on the wooden risers leading to the ring and pinned the VCW original to the stunned silence of the crowd. 


Buck lay motionless for a good while, perhaps taking in the weight of the loss. Gunderson was with the company since day one and the only 2 time Openweight champion in company history. The Wild One will be sorely missed.


Dirty Rat

The main event saw Jaxon Jarvis finally get his shot at champion Goliath Ayala, who had been threatening to piledrive Jaxon repetitively and exacerbate his existing concussion condition. Glassy eyed and beaten down for much of the match Jaxon perseveered…


…until his former tag team partner Rex Atkins, now going by Dirty Rex, came down and administered the piledriver Ayala had been looking for all match, allowing the champion to retain. Jaxon has vowed revenge against his former teammate. 

Home Run?jump

A well played game at the very least. I’ll certainly be returning to see the fallout from this epic event that also saw tag team champions From Russia with Rage retain in an amazing contest against BenGali and Bearicade. The Super Wonder Gallery is a fitting home, but will only have a lease until November this year. VCW has scheduled more shows at the venue but will once again be looking for a new home for 2017.

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